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"I learned more about how my bladder works from Dr. Louise than in 20 years of going to doctors. Now I no longer have to get up all night long because of my bladder problem!

-Donna M., age 75

"Dear Louise,

I started using your system (Eliminate Incontinence in 3 Minutes a Day) about 3 weeks ago and have noticed several things. Though I haven't been very consistent with the exercises, I have already noticed results. When I first started I was not sure if I was doing them correctly and then when I began to feel the tightening in my stomach I was reassured that I was doing them correctly.

I work for a busy pediatrician and have 2 young children at home. It is quite easy to use with my busy schedule. I can just take an extra couple of minutes in the bathroom several times a day to do the exercises and still keep up with my very busy schedule.

In just a short time I have gone from having a stomach that was rounded and flabby to having it be more defined. It has now taken on a more shapely form. It is more of a square than just a roll of flab around me.

Ever since my surgery (complete hysterectomy 2 years ago) I have always had a little bit of urine leakage. Not so noticeable that I would need a heavy pad but enough to notice it. That has begun to improve. I also do not need to get up as much in the night to go to the bathroom. I used to wake up every morning about 4 am and it is slowly improving to where I am able to get a little more sleep every week.


Meghan Nunley

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