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My Favorite Remedies

If you were stranded on a desert island, which remedies would you be sure to take? I’ve been thinking about my own “must haves” for that. Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Meclizine 25mg tablets.

Indispensable in controlling my motion sickness when riding in cars, planes or ships, meclizine is such a travel essential that I NEVER leave home without it. Sure, I do fine if I’m the driver, but if I’m a passenger I’ll get a headache, nausea or worse. One dose of 25mg meclizine lasts 24 hours, allowing me to travel comfortably, even in the back seat. I can even read a book or surf the Internet on my phone. Sure, I probably wouldn’t need it while ON the desert island, but what about the trip going TO and FROM it?

2. New Skin® liquid.

This stuff is absolutely wonderful to prevent ingrown toenails. Since I’ve been using it painful or ingrown toenails have not bothered me. I apply just a little bit just under the nail and to the skin immediately around the sides of my nail and it toughens the skin and helps keep my toenails from curling under and cutting into the tender skin underneath. It also protects small cuts from dirt, a nice bonus on a desert island. New Skin® now comes in a handy 15 ml bottle which takes up less space compared to its original 30 ml size bottle.

3. Docusate 250mg capsules.

I struggle with earwax buildup and often end up in my doctor’s office getting my ears flushed out. I used to use Debrox® liquid made my ears go “snap, crackle and pop” caused an unbearable tickling sensation. This year I decided to try docusate, because docusate liquid is what most doctor’s offices use to soften impacted earwax before flushing it out. However, it’s not sold as earwax remover in the United States.

Last month my left ear became completely blocked with earwax, to the point I couldn’t hear at all. I cut off the end of a 250mg docusate capsule with kitchen scissors and squeezed the contents into my left ear. The capsule had just the perfect amount of liquid for my ear canal and unlike Debrox® it didn’t crackle or tickle. I followed that up with another capsule 12 hours later and waited another couple of hours then used my little blue bulb syringe to gently flush it out. I could hear again! The bulb syringe even helped me draw out the leftover water out of my ear.

I prefer the convenience of the capsules (buy 250mg instead of 100mg capsules), but you can also buy an empty dropper bottle and fill it with docusate liquid (not the syrup), both available from your pharmacist.

4.  Butterfly bandages.

These would be very useful on a desert island. Ever since my training as an Emergency Medical Technician, I keep both large and small butterfly bandages in my medicine cabinet and in my car. They work really well to match up the edges of medium to large cuts and help avoid getting stitches. Sometimes I cut the big ones in half lengthwise and use them extra close together to help seal up the edges.

Last week I dropped a full jar of molasses onto my husband’s empty deep green glass coffee mug. CRASH! As I reached over to carefully pick up the green shards, my thumb brushed up against the newly razor-sharp edge of a clear 4-cup glass Pyrex pitcher also broken in the crash. Thank goodness for those butterfly bandages! HOWEVER, if you can see bone or have any trouble moving your fingers get medical attention immediately, as you may have nicked a tendon which can cause permanent disability if not treated.

5. Calendula cream.

For dry or irritated skin, I’ll be sure to pack my favorite Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream® that contains calendula and lavender in an olive oil base. Although it’s a little greasy when I first put it on, it soaks in completely in just a couple of minutes.

6. My pillbox.

Since I’ve been using a pillbox I’m SO much more consistent in taking my medicine. It’s the number one strategy I recommend to everyone for taking your medicine safely.

What are some of YOUR favorite remedies?

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